15th March Premier Grandslam (Eastleigh)

15th March Premier Grandslam (Eastleigh)

Another outing for the Tigers this time welcoming some new members to the team a strong performance from every member. we had Gurmare Singh winning Gold in the Mens Adv -75kg, Barry Plechowicz winning silver in the mens adv vets, Denis Singh winning silver &...

16th Feb WAKO British Championships

Only Gurmare Singh in attendance in this massive British Championships long day but managed to get a bronze medal losing to the eventual British Champion.

24th Jan Watford Open

First comp of the year for the Tigers and first major European comp for all the juniors. Was a packed comp with over 30 fighters per division no trophies but a fantastic performance from all the junior fighters. Richard Babatunde, Kieran Dudley, Lucy Dudley, Summer...

Tigerstyle Xmas Party 2014

Was a great evening with all the kids and the parents to finish off what has been a fantastic year for the club happy Xmas to everyone.

Gradings 7th Dec 2014

Big well done to all that graded was a long day but as usual everyone showing there skills of to gain there next belts. White to Yellow Azra Nur, Josh Hayden, Kian Duggleby, Mohammed Halim, Doha Alkhaouli, Dimitar Dinev, Corey Newcombe, Es Bushra Yellow to Orange...