Big well done to all that graded was a long day but as usual everyone showing there skills of to gain there next belts.

White to Yellow

Azra Nur, Josh Hayden, Kian Duggleby, Mohammed Halim, Doha Alkhaouli, Dimitar Dinev, Corey Newcombe, Es Bushra

Yellow to Orange

Jayden Hocking, Abdullah Alkahouli, Franco Mangone, Angi Peel, Nadia Hammed, Safa Hammed, Es Bushra, Chloe Lock.

Orange To Green

Santi Mangone, Chloe Dudley, Lucy Dudley, Kieran Dudley

Green to Blue

Frankie Boyce

Blue to Purple

Kate Allen

Purple to Brown

Summer Kaur & Denis Singh