On Sunday 10th March, we took the whole squad to the EPiC Open – 1st event in the 2019 South West series, held in Chepstow. It was an incredibly well organised and well run event; big thanks to the EPiC team!

Although this event was a tough one for the team as many of our young fighters moved up a division, everyone gave their best performance resulting in some podium finishes. Denis Singh won silver for points and bronze for continuous, Paul Browning won bronze for continuous, Reece Haydon took gold for points and silver for continuous, Samuel Prophet won gold in points and silver in continuous, Summer Kaur won bronze in points, Megan Niblett won bronze in points, and Ben Beavis took gold in points. We also want to give a shout out to the rest of our fighters Cody Rowe, Cody Legg, Ryan Roast, Sebastian Cordero, Yusef Habibi, Adam Habibi, Josh Haydon, Nikki Newman, Kirsty Linton, and Dan Gregory, who all put on an excellent performance in their divisions, as well as Nick and Dan for their help coaching, and all the parents that showed up to support the team.