Our Instructors

Gurmare chief instructor

Gurmare is chief instructor and founder of Tigerstyle Sports Karate and has been studying martial arts for over 25 years. Starting out at a traditional karate club and gaining his 1st dan black belt, he then moved over to freestyle/sports karate where he also gained a black belt. Gurmare represents Tigerstyle at national and international competitions. He also represents Great Britain and England at World Championships being a multi British and World Champion for his weight division in both continuous and points fighting.

Our Junior Instructors

We also have a number of qualified junior instructors who help with our kids’ classes week in and week out. These are the children who have trained with us for a number of years, are always there to help with teaching and set a great example for the other students in class.

You’ll see our junior instructors at our kids’ classes and little tigers’ classes and also at all the school clubs we run. If they could help with the ladies’ and adults’ classes too I’m sure they would!

If you’re not sure what you’re doing when you’re in class – ask them!

Summer with her certificate

Summer is one of our students who’s been here the longest as she’s Gurmare’s oldest daughter! As you’d expect, she’s pretty good at kickboxing. So good that she’s a multi British champion and a silver and bronze world medalist! Summer is really good at helping students with their technique, so if you’re struggling with something ask Summer for help.

Denis with certificate

Denis has also been at the club a while now being Gurmare’s son. He’s been training since he was 3 years old so if you want a challenge sparring you should spar with Denis! Denis is a multi British champion and regularly competes in both national and international competitions. He’s particularly good at keeping everyone on track and working hard.

Josh with certificate

Josh recently became World Champion for his weight division. He’s been training at the club since he was 6 and regularly helps with any additional sessions we hold for the kids, including the little tigers’ class. Josh is probably one of our most flexible students and an exceptional kicker. Look to him for stretching inspiration and advice on your technique!

This is Mo, one of our hardest working students and a brilliant junior instructor. Mo puts a lot of effort into what he does which makes him really dedicated and a great person to look up to. He’s been training since he was 4 and is particularly good at welcoming new students into the club. If you’re nervous and not sure what you’re doing, speak to Mo!

Abdullah is one of our teenage students who also trains with our adults. He’s been training at the club since he was 8 and always offers help with our classes. He’s a great person to pair with as he gets you to work hard. He’s also very controlled with his sparring and holds pads really well (which is a skill in itself, trust me!).