We headed over to Woodbury Rainbows on Monday this week to show them some kickboxing skills and help them get their sports badges! It was a lovely sunny day so instead of training inside, we got to train outside in the park. We did some fitness work to start, some basic punching, some basic kicking and then another lot of fitness at the end and all the girls were absolutely great!! We were particularly impressed with everyones attempt at a few jump kicks and their press-ups and planks (they would put quite a lot of adults to shame!). Well done to all the girls for working so hard and for your new sports badges!

Thank you to the Rainbow leaders for arranging for us to come and hold this one off session with the girls, it was a lovely way to help them get their sports badges and also a lovely way for us to recognise women’s sport week this week – hopefully a few of them will be inspired to give kickboxing a go!!

If you would like to arrange a one off session for your club or summer school, please get in touch via our contact page.