Yesterday we ran the first of our sparring development sessions! The sessions are designed for younger students we think might benefit from, and particularly enjoy, sparring and learning more about sparring. It was a great two hour session, with everyone working really hard and putting in 110%.

We teach sparring in all of our classes at Tigerstyle Sports Karate. It’s fun, easy to get stuck into, and doesn’t hurt (even though you might worry it would!). It’s also a great way to introduce some competitiveness into the exercise we do and for our students to hone their skills. Most of our children (and adults) really enjoy it and we have a Tigerstyle Squad we take around the country to spar at competitive events.

Although we teach sparring in our normal classes, we don’t get a lot of time to focus on this as there are so many other things we are teaching too. The sparring development sessions are therefore, a good way of letting our younger children have fun and see if sparring is something they want to get more involved in. We are always on the look out for more students to join our Tigerstyle Squad and after yesterday’s session, we definitely think we have a few students who might be up for the challenge!

Looking forward to the next one already. See you there kids!